• Each month Derek answers a few questions from Fan Club Members these are listed below:- More Questions and Answers Coming soon

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    January 2013

    Pam Clarke

    when you meet someone for the first time Derek, do you know by your own instinct if that person is a good person or not, or do you have to take the advice of Sam….can you know if they are just being nice or if they are hiding dark secrets? Do you like to try your luck? Go to our website and play jogos casanik halloween gratis. Increased odds for winning!

    Derek’s Response:-

    Generally when I meet people for the first time I am “closed” and so use no more psychic ability than anybody else.   We all gets “feelings” about people – sometimes we feel their warmth and sometimes others seem to have a barrier of sorts.    It is not up to me as a medium to use my gifts to evaluate people on a day to day basis but unfortunately many people think that I do and consequently feel afraid that I will gain knowledge of some secret they may be harbouring.  I can remember hearing one lady say to another “Don’t let him look you in the eye because he’ll know everything about you if you do”!   That unfortunately appears to be a popular perception though it is of course entirely incorrect.   Eye to eye contact has nothing to do with picking up emanations from a person.   It does amuse me though. Gambling has never been so exciting as with seriöse online casinos. Just in a few minutes and in a few clicks and you are already there, in the world of easy money and fun!

    Steve De La Salle

    Iif we are spiritual/mediums/know about spirit and the spirit world before we pass, when/if we choose to reincarnate to the earth plane, will we come back as spiritual/believers/mediums etc again or could we come back say as a believer of a different religion or as an aethist? If we are to progress our soul spiritually then coming back as non spiritual may not help?

    Derek’s Response :- Each time we reincarnate back on to the earth plain from the world of spirit, we are met with new experiences.   We require to do this in order that we may achieve soul growth.   We may not return with a belief in the world of spirit – we may return as a sceptic/cynic or with no belief whatsoever in an afterlife.    How many people do you know who consider that “this is it” and beyond exists only a black void?      We have to experience ALL facets of physical life and that includes the not so good as well as the good.  

    November 2012

    Natasha Jayne Bowers

    I have a question and it’s been in my head for ages now When it’s my time and the right time to leave my physical life, to pass over in to the world of spirit will I remember my past life?

    Derek’s Response:

    If you’re referring to your life spent here on earth once you have passed over to the spirit world, then yes of course you will. With each incarnation that we make on to the earth plain we learn more and that learning is to facilitate our soul growth in the spirit world. If we did not remember and could not revisit our experiences in our physical lives, then we would not achieve our learnings to make progress in the heavenly state. 

    Joanne Carroll

    Do you ever tire of giving to people? What is the one question you would love to be asked?

    Derek’s Response:

    I will never tire of working for spirit and if part of that work is giving of myself, then I am happy to do so. I truly cannot think of anything that I have not been asked but that I would wish to be asked. People surprise me all the time with their questions – some are welcome and some are not.

    Lee Robinson

    If your heart is to naturally help & share in this world & that you do have a conscious connection with spirit, Do spirit put you through the ultimate test of your strength, Will and Patience and other forces in this world to progress to a Spirit Guide in the other?

    Derek’s Response:

    There is no “if” as to whether I have a conscious connection with the spirit world Lee…. I know as I experience this on a daily basis and part of that knowledge is doing my best to help others and to share the word of spirit with as many people who want to know. I am no more tested than anybody else by my life’s experiences. We are ALL tested in order to achieve soul growth. Those of us who complete the necessary number of incarnations for our own individual soul growth by experiencing every aspect of physical life, both good and bad, will go on ultimately to be in guidance of others.

    October 2012

    John Furmage 

    my question is this, why do people have to suffer at the hands of murderers, and rapists, why do their guides not step in, and stop this evil?

    Derek’s Response:

    It is my belief that as spirits we all choose our own experiences before incarnating into physical life. To achieve soul growth we must experience both the good and the bad during our lifetimes here on earth. Our guides can do nothing to stop something happening during our physical life that we have chosen to undergo whilst still in our spirit form. Guides can and do keep people from harm when it is not meant for them but as I have already said, if we have chosen it as our destiny in a particular lifetime then nothing can change that.

    Mo Jones

    My Question to Derek is, in this day and age and knowing that you can feel what animals are communicating to you. Do you think they should be given the same rights as people?

    Derek’s response

    Animals are of lower evolvement than us humans and so no, I don’t think they should have the same rights as people – in fact it would be impossible for this to happen. If however you are referring to the right for animals to receive kindness, love, security and general respect then yes, I do feel that animals are equally deserving as humans. 

    Amy McLean Derek

    With the spirit world coming further to the forefront, how do you think this is going to change society and the way we behave?

    Derek’s response

    The spirit world has always been to the forefront, it is just that people are becoming more aware of and accepting of the fact. Sadly I can see no drastic changes happening for a very long time to come. Spirit have an awful lot of hard work to do now and in the future to make some sense of what is happening throughout the world today.